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Store Manager

Quality Data...
Where GOOD Retail Technology Starts

Your retail system is only as good as the data it receives.

Imagine how much better it would work if your inventory information arrived on time, accurate, and JUST the way your business needs it. 

Even if all you have is paper. 

Maximize your technology investment starting at just $49/month.

Our Services


For Single Stores

If receiving inventory is taking hours out of your day, you've stopped at the right spot. Schedule a demo on how our application can save hours out of your day and help you maximize all the savings out of your back office.


For Small and Midsize Chains

Let us show you how leveraging our application can help save you hundreds in accounting, training and operational headaches. Your secret to rapid growth starts here.


For Large Chains

Data is driving EVERYTHING you do. Let us show you how our services can keep incomplete, untimely and inaccurate receiving data from gumming up your systems and operations.

What We Do

We Make The Complicated... Easy.

Inventory is the biggest source of retail data your systems receive. If data is lost, inaccurate, invalid, or not timely, the damage has a wide impact on operations. We make collecting, receiving and managing this data so easy, you'll forget you used to have a problem.

Whether you're collecting this data by

  • hand-keying from paper invoices,

  • scanning bar codes with a handheld scanner,

  • receiving electronically from your suppliers, or

  • struggling to find the time at your locations to do any of it,

Deep Water can help save you time and money. Our solution starts where you are and gets you where you need to be. It's so transparent and seamless with the way you do business, you'll wish you had started years ago.

Who We Are

Customer Experience is a Software Feature

We believe technology is only part of the solution. The REAL solutions will always come from companies who listen. Our 99% retention rate over nearly a decade proves we focus most on what our customers need. We take the extra time. We go the extra mile.  We ask good questions. We listen. We learn.... together.

Deep Water Customer Map

Trust is Earned

Built In the Cloud

We're scalable, reliable and doing business with us is easy. 

Aside from over 4000+ Suppliers, we also integrate and partner with many great industry technologies.

While we send our data to well-known convenience store technologies like PDI and SSCS and many others, we also offer our software through these reseller partners who make it possible to keep your support process simple.


The Scan Group

Red River Software

Scanning Solutions

Pacific Oil Group values the partnership with Deep Water by providing us tools to improve margins, profitability, and operation efficiencies. I highly recommend their product from single to multi-site operators.

Matt Pouldar 
Pacific Oil Group

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