How do I sign up?

Call 800-990-6543 or sign-up online.

It takes less than 10 minutes to sign-up.

What hardware do I need to buy?

Connie will send you an approved document scanner as part of your initial setup. This scanner meets our qualifications for security and ease of use. If you already have a document scanner, you will still need to work with the “Connie-Approved” scanner to get the results you need. If you have an IT resource willing to do a little extra work, it IS possible to use other scanners. However, if you have only a few locations, it is more cost effective to use our approved hardware – Brother ADS-2800W.

Can my employees send receipts?

Yes! That’s the best part. Simply leave the scanner up front with employees to scan receipts as part of their normal day. Information for you. Super simple process for them.

What if I have more than one store?

Connie can help you keep track of your invoices at all your different locations. She separates information and stores it for each location. Just register each location with us.

I have a back office provider or inventory system, can you work with them to import the data?

Yes! Just contact us with the name of your provider or send our contact information to your sales rep. Connie extracts data in multiple formats including industry standard versions approved by Conexxus.

Can I send handwritten invoices?

Yes! There is no additional cost for processing handwritten invoices. However, handwritten invoices count as two invoices, one to manually review for readability and one for the extraction of data.

What kind of results are other store owners seeing?

Monitoring your suppliers can have a lot of different results. Here are a few examples current customers have found…

  • Sales tax charges
  • Up to 20% changes in product prices from week to week in the same vendor
  • Up to 90% changes in product prices between suppliers
  • The savings in major distributor loyalty vs. the costs of shopping around at discount stores
  • Our smallest c-store, with only 86 receipts this summer, produced 107 increased price alerts
  • Ability to quickly calculate category margins by downloading category reports from the POS and Connie

How does Connie know how to categorize my items?

Connie assigns every product she processes to a NACS Category list. You can add your point of sale categories to Connie and assign them to NACS categories. You can always quickly move an item to a new category after an invoice has been processed.

What reports are available from Connie?

Connie provides the following reports:

  • Category Invoice Report (View invoice items by category)
  • Invoice Report (View invoice items by invoice)
  • NACS Invoice Report (View invoice items by NACS category)
  • Vendor Invoice Report (View invoice items by vendor)
  • Historical Cost Trends By Product (See how your costs have fluctuated for a product over a set period of time)

How often can I send invoices?

As often as you like. There are no limits. In fact, the sooner you send in each invoice, the sooner Connie can provide the most timely alert.

What if I sometimes go over my per invoice limit, but not all the time?

As long as you are averaging within your price tier, no need to worry about overages.

When can I expect results from my invoices?

It can take up to 24 hours for difficult to read invoices or new products you have not purchased in the past. Most invoices will be faster than this.

You will need a history of costs before receiving your first cost alert. This can happen as early as the 2nd time you purchase a product. Reports will show up immediately after processing your first invoice, and the data will grow with each invoice you add.

Do I have to install software?

There will be no software to install. Simply connect the scanner to your internet using the enclosed instructions and begin scanning invoices.

Can this work with my back office application or does it replace it?

We are not a back office replacement, but we are a great first step for those considering a back office and not ready for the commitment, yet. Additionally, using Connie to electronically send invoices to your back office can help you save up to 10 hours a week.  If you already have a back office application, we are happy to send the invoices we process to your back office provider. Simply let us know the name of your sales representative and inform them you would like to receive electronic receipts from Deep Water Software, and we will take care of the rest.

Do you work with large convenience store chains? How can you help a price book manager?

We offer our services in bulk through many back office providers for larger chains. Speak with your back office provider about using Connie to reduce errors in your electronic and manual invoice entry process. Free up your store managers to work on higher value operating tasks. And improve your ability to manage inventory for automated ordering.